Watch "Whisper", A New Scary Short Film By Julian Terry Starring Amazon Echo

Watch “Whisper”, A New Scary Short Film By Julian Terry Starring Amazon Echo

Whisper, the new short film by the talented filmmaker Julian Terry, clearly shows that you don’t necessarily need a large budget and a 2-hour motion picture to scare people. His low-budget film which has been shot in one room starring an Amazon Echo is a lot scarier than many new theater releases.

In Whisper, Julian Terry preseents a narrative where Amazon’s personal assistant goes rogue. This is not really a far-fetched scenario: Earlier in the year, woman from the Netherlands became the victim of a 2017 sci-fi horror plot after purchasing a cheap internet-connected webcam.

According to Daily Bot, Rilana Hamer wanted an inexpensive way to monitor her puppy while she was away from the house, so she bought a good-enough device from the local convenient store that she could connect to her smartphone.

After a short while, the webcam started exhibiting some strange behavior: Hamer claims she started to hear noises. After initially disregarding the sounds, she started growing unnerved and decided to investigate. What she discovered is the stuff of nightmares. Someone was looking at her on the other end. Then a voice, “Bonjour Madame,” it whispered.

Whisper is not the first scary short film by Julian Terry. In the summer of 2017 he decided to make his first horror short for the My Annabelle Creation Contest called The Nurse. He made the entire project in 4 days and the final film won and was bought by New Line Cinema. It received praise from Screen Rant, Collider, Bloody Disgusting, SlashFilm and more.

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