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Watch “Therapy”: Psychological Thriller Short Film By Marc Nadal

Therapy, psychological thriller short film by Spanish director Marc Nadal, is a great case study in how solid suspenseful plots can be delivered on budget.

The majority of the 12-minute story happens in a small apartment with two people: Jorge, the main character of the story, finds himself in a flat running away from something. He doesn’t know how he has ended up in the apartment, and why his shirt is bloody. The only two things that he initially remembers are his name and his mother’s face.


Jorge then meets a mysterious girls who also suddenly appears in the apartment: Neither of them knows if and how they are related to each other. As the story progresses, they together discover that the place holds a horrible secret.

Therapy is one of the earlier works of Marc Nadal who is now a short film veteran. The screenplay is written by David Braña and the cast includes Jesus Sesma, Cristina Gil and Montse Clopes.

Nadal’s films have been among official selections in more than 600 festivals and events and he has received more than 40 national and International awards for his movie and direction work since 2008.

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