True Crime Book Review Deadly Little Secrets By Kathryn Casey

True Crime Book Review: “Deadly Little Secrets” By Kathryn Casey

Kathryn Casey is the award-winning journalist and novelist behind several popular books and series such as Sarah Armstrong mysteries and seven highly acclaimed true crime books. Kathryn Casey has appeared on Oprah, Court TV, Biography, Nancy Grace, E! Network, TruTv, Investigation Discovery, The Travel Channel and A&E. Deadly Little Secrets is her last true crime book.

A Brief Summary:

A man of God . . . driven by the evil

To his parishioners, minister Matt Baker seemed a pious and good man. To his wife, Kari, he was a devoted husband and caring father. Always sunny and vivacious, Kari never questioned their frequent relocations from one small Texas Baptist church to another. Even when tragedy struck, Kari remained strong—until one day, inexplicably, she took her own life.

To friends and family, Kari’s suicide made no sense—and they struggled with questions they couldn’t answer. Why couldn’t Matt hold a job with any one church? Why did he cut off all contact with Kari’s devastated parents soon after her death? And who was the blond companion he began appearing with just days after the funeral? But it would take a team of investigators and dogged determination to bring Matt Baker’s dark secrets to light—revealing a shocking history of lies, infidelity, cruelty, and sexual obsession that may have led a serial predator cloaked in God’s word to commit murder.

Our Take:

The author has done a good job in putting together different pieces of information regarding a sad murder case and turning it into an absorbing true crime book. The descriptions, although filled with excessive fluff at times, were vivid and well-written. It’s a fast read and will certainly appeal to readers who like true crime books.

Our Rating: 3.2

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