Top 10 Mystery Movies of All Time

IMDB (The Internet Movie Database) has created a list of Top Rated Mystery movies of all time based on the votes of its users. The fascinating thing is that out of 10 movies on the top of the list, 4 movies belong to Alfred Hitchcock.

Interestingly, the infamous British director (later immigrated to the U.S.) who has captured hearts and souls of many mystery lovers, didn’t win any Oscar Academy Award for his movies in his lifetime but that doesn’t discount the impact that he has had on suspense genre.

In IMDB’s rating, Hitchcock’s Rear Window ranks #1 followed by his Psycho as #2. North by Northwest ranked 6th and Vertigo is #8. The Top 10 list includes the following movies:

1) Rear Window (1954)

2) Psycho (1960)

3) The Usual Suspects (1995)

4) Memento (2000)

5) Hugo (2011/II)

6) North by Northwest (1959)

7) Citizen Kane (1941)

8) Vertigo (1958)

9) To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

10) The Third Man (1949)

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