TNT TV Is Ressurecting Mystery for TV With Mystery Movie Night

With a notable effort in putting the made-for-TV mystery movie genre back on the screen, TNT has started a new series called Mystery Movie Night, a pack of six films airing through Christmas, based on crime fictions written by best-selling authors. On December 13 (tonight) at 9 ET, they will feature Good Morning Killer from April Smith. April is the author of four novels starring FBI Special Agent Ana Grey. She is also the executive producer for this film and has adapted the book for this TV thriller. In the past, she has done other TV works as well including being a producer for Cagney & Lacey and Chicago Hope.

Here is the trailer of the movie:

Adorable Catherine Bell (from Army Wives) plays in this movie as Ana Grey and Cole Hauser (from Chase) stars as Detective Andrew Berringer, Ana’s partner (and apparently in some period of time her lover). The plot is a mix of psychological, drama and thriller as Grey races to locate and stop a serial kidnapper/rapist and at the same time has to overcome the challenges in her passionate relationship with a Andrew Berringer. In case you won’t be able to make it tonight, the movie will be repeated on the following dates: 12/16 1 am and 12/17 12 noon.We will cover and review April’s book in a separate post; stay tuned!


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