Thriller Review Kill Switch By Neal Baer And Jonathan Greene

Thriller Review: Kill Switch By Neal Baer And Jonathan Greene

Neal Baer and Jonathan Greene are the duo behind the TV series “Law & Order” and their first novel, Kill Switch, without the doubt has the same flavor as their TV work.

Neal Baer, MD, was Executive Producer and Showrunner of  Law & Order: Special Victims Unit for eleven years and Jonathan Greene is a long time TV writer. The first experience of the duo is a smooth-flowing narrative that keeps the reader engaged and guessing towards the end.

The book opens with a flashback scene: A Rochester girl is abducted while her friend helplessly watches. The narrative then fast forwards to the present, where Claire Waters, a brilliant medical school graduate, is completing a fellowship in forensic psychiatry and part of her work consists of treating inmates at Rikers Island Correctional Facility as she tries to prevent them from committing further crimes.

Haunted by the childhood brush with a vicious crime that was never solved–the abduction of her best friend– she meets with Todd Quimby in the bowels of Rikers Island prison and sets out to crack his tough exterior, but she overlooks his violent nature and recommends his release. Within twenty-four hours, Claire is horrified to realize that the body of a murdered woman in Times Square bears all the hallmarks of a Quimby victim. Soon the killer taunts her, her supervisors doubt her, the cops resent her, and her boyfriend questions her loyalty. Determined and daring, Claire agrees to be a decoy. Risking everything, she uncovers a devious medical conspiracy that threatens to disrupt the international balance of power. She must confront both a killer and a conspiracy–or die trying.

As we mentioned earlier, this book is highly influenced by the authors’ experience with TV series and is a rich cinematic narrative where the chapters start out quickly and accelerate all the way to an exciting conclusion.

Reader can see a lot of off the shelf TV twists in the story and while the plots might not be truly surprising for an avid reader, they are certainly entertaining.

Our Rating: 3.5

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