Thriller Book Review Already Gone by John Rector

Thriller Book Review: Already Gone by John Rector

John Rector, the author of Already Gone, is the is one of the up and coming names in thriller genre. He is the bestselling author of novels such as The Grove and The Cold Kiss (optioned for a feature film now in development). The fact that the Omaha-based author’s Already Gone is now on the top of the best selling list by Amazon, gave us the excuse to review his work.

In this novel, the suspense starts from the beginning: Jake Reese, a University professor, is attacked by two thugs who cut one of his fingers, and then apologize. A few days later, his finger turns up in the post. While the police is doing an investigation, Jake’s wife disappears and then turns up dead in mysterious circumstances. Jake decides to meet up with a childhood friend, Gabby, and use her support to find out what is going on. However, Jake does this against what his wife told him before her death: He was told not to contact Gabby or any other person from his past life.

This is a book that has almost all the elements you’re looking for in an entertaining summer thriller: Dangerous thugs, sucker-punching plot twists, fast-paced actions, and lots of surprises. It also has a small touch of noir stories from 1940s and 1950s. Rector mixes marital issues, past friendships and relationships with fundamental elements of criminal suspense to create a clean and well written action story.

At 316 pages (paperback), the book can be read in one sitting: Overall, this is a good read for lovers of twisty thrillers.

Our Rating: 3.0

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