“The Stain in the Sand” Psychological Suspense Short Film by Andrew MacLellan

“The Stain in the Sand”: Psychological Suspense Short Film by Andrew MacLellan

“The Stain in the Sand”, a psychological suspense short film by Andrew MacLellan, narrates the story of an old man who got away with murder.

“The Stain in the Sand” is about guilt. The film was inspired by real life unsolved murders, specifically the Bible John murders in Glasgow in the 1960’s. The murderer has never been found, so the natural question to ask yourself is, where are they now? How can they live with the guilt? The film is trying to imagine an answer to that question.

On 2nd November 1964, a young nineteen year old girl named Catherine Morrison is found murdered on Aberdeen Beach. Her killer, Ian Masson, got away with murder. 50 years later and the city and its people have not forgotten. The murder case remains unsolved. The crime still haunts many, but none more so than Ian Masson, now a guilt ridden, frail and lonely old man.



For decades he escaped justice. For years he lived his life like any other. But now, on the eve of the anniversary of her death, Masson can no longer hide the guilt. Her blood still stains the sand.  We enter Masson’s mind, recalling the murder and the events that led to it and how Catherine haunts every second of his life.

The film is written, produced and directed by young Scottish filmmaker Andrew MacLellan. “The Stain in the Sand” was his second year end of year project at North East Scotland College and was shot over three days on a modest budget.

The film was also among the official selections for the Scottish Short Film Festival which promotes and encourages filmmaking in and about Scotland, and young and upcoming talent in the field (see here for more information).


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