Have You Seen The Swedish “Wallander”?

Although many of the folks who saw "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" featuring Daniel Craig liked the movie; they liked the original Swedish version as much if not more. We guess the same holds with Wallander.

I was fascinated when I watched Henning Mankell struggling detective on TV on PBS channel. Kenneth Branagh did a great job of portraying the character as it was explained in the books and the TV plots were very exciting.

The good news is that there is a Swedish version of Wallander books originally developed for Swedish Television and now this series is available on DVD. I watched some of the episodes of the series and find it very appealing though very different in terms of atmosphere and feeling compared to the British version.

Actor Krister Henriksson plays the role of Inspector Wallander and so far 13 episodes have been released to the public audience. In the case you are Amazon Prime Member, you can actually watch the episodes for free.

Like To Check Out The Swedish Wallander Series?

You can click on the images to go to Amazon page for each episode.



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