The Swedish Duo Roslund & Hellstrom: How They Met

The Swedish Duo Roslund & Hellström are among those authors which we always follow at Mystery Tribune. In general, we have always had an interest in the crime fiction literature and authors from Scandinavia. However, no such coverage is complete without including the successful Swedish duo Roslund and Hellström. Anders Roslund is a professional journalist and creator of Sweden’s number one cultural TV program Kulterkanna. Börge Hellström is an ex-criminal who founded a criminal rehabilitation program in Sweden. We recently reviewed two of their books Three Seconds and Cell 8 here & here respectively.

In this video interview the authors explain the events which to their acquaintance and eventually collaboration in writing crime fiction (watch it here).

Anders Roslund was working for the Swedish Television in the news department. On the side however, he was doing a job which is equivalent of what a probation officer does. After a while, he came to know of an organization called Criminals Return Into Society (CRIS). The organization had been found by 11 former prisoners / criminals who wanted to be new people on the day they were released. Roslund was intrigued by the idea and wanted to make a documentary about this. He called the contact person for the group and Hellstrom answered.

In our view one of the things which makes the work of these authors unique is the vivid descriptions of the prison life which have their base in the experience of Hellström. In case you are interested in their books, you can check out the following titles.

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