Stephen King Discusses “N”

Stephen King is a figure beyond suspense novel writing. His imagination and artistic style have created a number of great works in literature, cinema and also comic world. One great example of recent interesting projects by King is "N".

Scribner, Simon & Schuster Digital, Marvel Entertainment and CBS Mobile collaborated in partnership to bring an episodic graphic adaptation of the previously unpublished short story "N." specifically developed to be delivered weekdays in 25 video installments to online and mobile phone users.

In this video, Stephen King talks about his inspiration for "N", how he came up with the setting in the summer of 2007 and why he thought the animation video would be the right mode to bring this story to life.


Like Books by Stephen King?

He has written so many; all of them notable works in the genre of horror/suspense. Here are some suggestions (Click on the images to go to Amazon). 


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