Seared A Must-Watch Short Film About Redemption

Seared: A Must-Watch Short Film About Redemption

Seared, The Journey of a Chef, is one of the most inspiring and touching short films we have seen in a while: Beaten by a life of injustice and crime, a young man’s plan to end it all turns into a life of renewed hope and a passionate career as a chef.

Moody Communications professor Bob Gustafson collaborated with his son, Ben, and several volunteers on this short film that was shown in a dozen film festivals as far away as London.


Some of the awards won by Seared include:

  • VSO Award Best Integration of Music | Vermont Symphony Orchestra
  • Best Documentary | Highbridge Film Festival
  • Audience Choice | Elgin Short Film Festival
  • Best Illinois Short | Beloit International Film Festival
  • Audience Choice | Highbridge Film Festival
  • Best of Fest | Shawnee Shorts Midwestern Film Festival
  • Best of Fest | Afterimage Film Festival


  • Best Documentary Short | Middlebury New Filmmakers Film Festival
  • TMFF Film Festival

Official Selection:

  • London International Film Festival
  • Flatirons Food Film Festival
  • Chagrin Documentary Film Festival
  • NYC Food Film Fest
  • Illinois International Film Festival
  • Catlow Film Festival

According to Moody, in making the short film, Gustafson interviewed the subject and edited the story, while his son did the cinematography. The father and son told a story of family values that wouldn’t alienate their intended audience, the arts community. “If we could sprinkle in that here’s a life that once was lost and now was found, and beneath the waterline there was a praying mother, that to me was a win,” he says.


If you’ve enjoyed watching Seared, you can find the complete archive of crime, mystery, horror and thriller short films on Mystery Tribune here.

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