The Seance Society: A Mystery

Today’s review is dedicated to another great book from an author who creates amazing mysteries from his house in Vermont. Michael Nethercott has had his work appear in numerous magazines and anthologies including Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, Best Crime and Mystery Stories of the Year, Thin Ice, and Crimestalkers Casebook. He is a past winner of The Black Orchid Novella Award, The Vermont Playwrights Award, and the Clauder Competition (Best Vermont Play) and a Shamus Award nomine. He lives with his family in Vermont and The Seance Society is his latest work.

A Brief Summary:

It’s 1956, and Lee Plunkett has taken over the family business as a private investigator despite his reluctance to follow in his father’s footsteps. When murder intrudes on a group of ghost seekers, Lee is asked to solve the case by a cop on the verge of retirement. At the urging of his perpetual fianc√©e Audrey, Lee enlists the help of Mr. O’Nelligan, a scholarly Irishman with a keen eye for solving mysteries.

The duo is drawn into a murder investigation involving the ‚ÄúSpectricator,” a machine designed to communicate with the dead. Soon, Plunkett and O’Nelligan are knee-deep in a suspect pool that includes a surly medium, a former speakeasy queen, a mysterious Spanish widow, and a whole slew of eccentric servants.

Our Taking:

A nicely done whodunit: If you like novels similar to golden age mystery novels such as the work by Agatha Christie, you will enjoy this. The story happens in a small town in Connecticut in 1956 with a group of original characters and many motives among the suspects. We liked this book…it is well-plotted and well-written!

Our Rating: 3.7

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