Séance Infernale Is An Impressive Debut Thriller By Jonathan Skariton

Séance Infernale Is An Impressive Debut Thriller By Jonathan Skariton

If you are a fan of Caleb Carr or Dan Brown, get ready for an exciting new voice named Jonathan Skariton who debut thriller Séance Infernale is as exciting as the novels of Brown or Carr. This novel is a fast-paced story of mystery, murder, and movies and starts in 2002 in the world of film.

An enigmatic collector in L.A., Andrew Valdano, hires a movie memorabilia dealer, Alex Whitman, to locate the first film ever made in 1889 by Augustin Sekuler, a man considered by those in the know to be the true inventor of motion pictures – before the Lumiere brothers or Thomas Edison.

In 1890 Sekuler boarded a train from Dijon to Paris, days before he was to present his greatest new invention to the world: a moving picture machine. But he never arrived at Gare de Lyon station: he and the machine disappeared, never to be seen again. So, when Alex Whitman tries to locate Sekuler’s film, which takes him to Europe and finally to Edinburgh – the city where his beloved young daughter Ellie vanished a decade earlier – the stakes become ratcheted up as the film’s riddles lead to a darker, more dangerous mystery, and become entwined with a present-day series of hideous crimes committed by a psychotic serial killer.

This is a story which takes you to cobbled streets and alleyways of Edinburgh and is filled with exciting puzzles.

Skariton surprisingly writes in an elegant and experienced manner. We were impressed with the quality of this book and the choice of film history as a backdrop for the story was exciting for us. We were also particularly amazed by the details related to Edinburgh setting.

This is a book which teaches us about history and film and also entertains. A recommended thriller!

Our Rating: 4.0 

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