Review: Sleepwalker by Karen Robards

Sleepwalkeris a fast-paced thriller happening only in the period of three days. The time line for the events are around New Year’s Eve (a good fit as a read for the holidays). The story starts when Micayla Lange, the police officer,  is housesitting for her uncle Nicco, a family friend. She suddenly hears some noise from Uncle Nicco’s private office. The noise awakens her from the nightmare of her mom’s murder. With her gun in hand, she catches Jason Davis, who thought the house was vacant for the holidays.

Mick and Jason see the incriminating photos of the murders of Edward Lightfoot, a city councilman, and his family. They realize that the security cameras have caught them looking at the pictures. Knowing what that means, Mick and Jason take money from the safe and escape. Meanwhile Nicco’s henchmen led by his security chief pursue them.

Besides few twists you won’t find that much of a mystery in the story: This is an action thriller with some romantic touches (as Mick and Jason are escaping from Uncle Nicco’s men, some feelings develop). Overall, an enjoyable read with a strong storyline: I give it 3 stars out of 5. The Amazon Link to the book is here: Sleepwalker by Karen Robards

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