Private Suspect By James Patterson And Maxine Paetro book thriller

Review: Private: #1 Suspect By James Patterson And Maxine Paetro

Private: #1 Suspect, is the latest release from the bestselling author of mainstream thrillers James Patterson and his co-author Maxine Paetro.

In this book, Jack Morgan, head of Private, an elite investigative firm, is under suspicion for murder of a former employee/lover. While trying to prove his innocence and find the real killer, he and the other employees of his firm are trying to tackle some other cases.

We tried to evaluate and review this book with several facts in mind: First, James Patterson and his co-authors write for the mainstream readers who like to pass their free time and entertain themselves with straightforward stories. During the last 20 years, James Patterson has put a lot of effort in appealing to the mass market by simplified language and quick reads. Patterson and his collaborators release a new book every other month and profitability (I assume) is one of their key measures.

James Patterson himself doesn’t claim to be a top on the literary front and instead claims to be a great story teller.Having said that, Jack, the hero of this book, is a likeable enough character, with flaws like many other people. This is a quick read and the suspense is enough to keep most readers engaged with the story.

When one releases significant number of books a year, uniqueness and quality are frequently at risk. James Patterson has done a better job with some of his other series like Michael Bennett and this new book has become somewhat formulaic and predictable.

Overall, this book will be an appealing read for loyal fans of Patterson.

Our Rating: 3.0 

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