Review Of Gone West From A Long Running Series By Carola Dunn

Review Of “Gone West” From A Long Running Series By Carola Dunn

Carola Dunn, now living in Eugene, Oregon is a British author with a long list of historical mysteries. She has written more than 50 novels so far featuring popular series such as Daisy Dalrymple. Gone West is her 20th book in this series and is now available in digital format.

A Brief Summary:

In September 1926, the Honourable Daisy Dalrymple Fletcher visits Sybil Sutherby, a school friend now living in Derbyshire as the confidential secretary to a novelist. Suspecting that something is seriously amiss, Sybil has asked Daisy to discretely investigate.

Upon arrival, Daisy finds a household of relatives and would-be suitors living off the hospitality of Humphrey Birtwhistle, who had been supporting them through his thrice-yearly, pseudonymous Westerns.

When he took ill, though, Sybil took over writing them while he recovered, only to see the sales increase. Now, she fears that someone in the household is poisoning Birtwhistle to keep him ill and Sybil writing the better-paying versions. But before Daisy can even get decently underway, Humphrey Birtwhistle dies under suspicious circumstances and Daisy now faces a death to untangle, a house full of suspects and a Scotland Yard detective husband who is less than pleased at this turn of events.

Our Take:

You don’t necessary have to read the previous books in this series before starting with this one; although the knowledge of how characters have developed definitely helps in getting more out of this story. The novel definitely has a cozy feel to it and the lead character is charming as always.

Dunn is very good with writing the dialogues and this book is not an exception: Overall, this is a delight for the fans of cozy mysteries.

Our Rating: 3.7

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