Review book Down The Darkest Road By Tami Hoag

Review: Down The Darkest Road By Tami Hoag

Down the Darkest Road is a new release from Tami Hoag, American novelist, who is best known for her work in the romance and thriller genres.

The story of the book starts four years after the unsolved disappearance of Lauren Lawton’s sixteen-year-old daughter. She is the only one still chasing the ghosts of her perfect Santa Barbara life. The world has given her daughter up for dead but Lauren thinks otherwise and knows exactly who took her oldest child. However there is not a shred of evidence against the man even as he stalks her family.

Looking for a fresh start in a town with no memories, Lauren and her younger daughter, Leah, move to idyllic Oak Knoll. But when Lauren’s suspect turns up in the same city, it seems that history is about to repeat itself. Sheriff’s detective Tony Mendez and his team begin to close in on the suspected killer to keep the young women of their picturesque town safe. But as the investigators sift through the murky circumstances of an increasingly disturbing case, the hopes for trapping the criminal suspect still seem very distant.

This story is Tami Hoag’s third thriller in the Oak Knoll Series. The novel is set in the late 1980s long before the internet, cell phones, DNA testing and the new phorensic advancements other advances made it easier to catch criminals. The author has used this setting in order to portray the challenges ahead of Mendez for uncovering the truth. The book’s jacket summary states that “a stunning question changes everything they thought they knew.” I kept waiting for that stunning question or a huge twist to surprise me but didn’t encounter such a thing throughout the book. Instead we see main characters like Tony Mendez and Anne Leone trying hard to find a piece of reliable evidence while comforting Lauren at the same time.

Overall, I assume the readers who enjoy works of this author or novelists like James Patterson might enjoy this book. This is predictable yet well-written story developed for casual and mainstream crime fiction readers.

Our Rating: 3.0 

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