The Nightmare Place

New Police Procedural: The Nightmare Place

The Nightmare Place is a police procedural story which gets you hooked: In case you are looking for an entertaining read, this suspense thriller from CWA Dagger winner Steve Mosby is worth checking out.

A Brief Summary:

Sometimes, there’s a thin line between love and hate. Or at least that’s one theory for DI Zoe Dolan, tracking the Creeper―a stalker who’s been breaking into women’s homes and attacking them. But the Creeper’s violence is escalating and there’s no pattern, no clue as to how he’s getting in, and no clue as to who’s next.Until Jane Webster gets a call to the helpline where she volunteers. It’s meant to be a confidential service and Jane is torn―it could be a hoaxer, but the soft voice at the end of the line has the ring of truth about it. He says he loves these women―but it’s a love that ends in blood.

When Jane tells the police, it should be the lead that Zoe needs―but it only pulls her further into a case that is already taking her dangerously close to the past she’s never fully escaped. For Jane, Zoe and all the other young women of the city, suddenly nowhere is safe. Particularly their own bedroom at the dead of night…

Our Take:

There are two things which we particularly loved about this book: It flows very well and keeps the reader intrigued towards the end. If you want an entertaining read with high dose of suspense, we really recommend this book.

Our Rating: 3.8

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