Petros Markaris Turns Greek Economic Tragedy Into Crime Fiction

If you read the International section of your daily newspaper, you have definitely read about the economic hardship in which Greece is going through for the last 3 years. Well, the Greek author Petros Márkaris, who is famous for his detective novels starring the grumpy Athenian police investigator Costas Haritos, is turning the whole thing into a crime fiction.

I Pairaiosi, or The Settlement, the latest book by the author is about a serial killer who is stalking the wealthy suburbs of Athens with an idiosyncratic choice of victims: They are all rich Greeks who have failed to pay their taxes, and their corpses have been left scattered among the ruins of the ancient city, dead of hemlock poisoning, the means of Socrates' execution.

Although the book is centered around a fictional story, it has a main plot which resonates strongly with a mass readership furious at the country's tax-dodging elite whose fecklessness has helped bring Greece to its knees. 

The book is yet to be translated into English language for American market, but has already created a lot of buzz in the European blogsphere.

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