A Notable Thriller Review Of Dead Last By James W. Hall

A Notable Thriller: Review Of “Dead Last” By James W. Hall

James W. Hall, the Edgar Award winning author has a new book out: In Dead Last, the lead character must confront an assassin whose victims and methods are taken directly from the script of a popular TV show. Here is our take from this interesting thriller.

A Brief Summary:

April Moss writes obituaries for the Miami Herald.  Her son, Sawyer, also a writer, has been scripting a cable TV series called “Miami Ops” and has been using his mother’s work as a central element of the show’s storyline.  In “Miami Ops,” a serial killer is using obituaries published in the local paper as a blueprint for selecting his next victims.

But midway through the season, a copycat appears off-screen, a real-life killer who is using the same strategy to select victims.  When this serial killer crosses paths with the reclusive Thorn, he has no choice but to leave his sanctuary in Key Largo and join forces with a young policewoman from Oklahoma who is investigating the murders.

In addition to the show’s head writer, April’s other son, Sawyer’s twin brother, works on “Miami Ops” as the lead actor.  Could one of them be involved in the killings?  Or are they orchestrated by the director of the TV series, an aging mogul who badly needs a hit? And what about the female star of the show, a deliciously strange young woman who seems willing to do anything to promote her career.

Thorn walks into this hotbed of entertainment business intrigue totally unprepared for the life-altering shocker he’s about to face. This loner from Key Largo has brought down his share of killers, but he’s never confronted one that was his own flesh and blood.

Our Take:

A fast paced thriller which is backed up by solid psychology and appropriate dose of humor. Hall starts his book with a bang and the nature of the plot is such that it takes the reader with it till the end.

Although the idea of a serial killer selecting the method or the victims based on books or newspapers is not a new one, the author does a good job of creating an absorbing story…A good read!

Our Rating: 4.0

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