Notable Police Procedural: Lost and Gone Forever By Alex Grecian

Lost and Gone Forever By Alex Grecian

Alex Grecian is the national bestselling author of the ‘Scotland Yard Murder Squad’ novels, including The Yard, The Devil’s Workshop and The Harvest Man. He also co-created the long-running and critically acclaimed graphic novel series Proof, which NPR named one of the best books of 2009. The latest installment in Grecian’s Murder Squad novels Lost and Gone Forever will be out in hardcover soon and like always, it’s an amazing read.

A Brief Summary: 

Lost and Gone Forever story begins at a time when Inspector Walter Day has been missing for over a year and is believed to be in the
hands of Saucy Jack, Alex Grecian’s version of Jack the Ripper. In the meantime Sergeant Nevil Hammersmith, who had been dismissed from Scotland Yard’s force in a previous book, is now running his own detective agency and devotes most of his time to looking for Walter Day, partly on behalf of Day’s wife Claire and partly because he himself is obsessed with getting Day back from Jack’s hands. Will he succeed?

Our Take: 

You don’t have to love historical mystery to enjoy this book: The characters in this story are very entertaining and the plot is refreshing. Having said that, Grecia does a good job of placing us in Victorian London and we can clearly feel the sharp difference in the classes. You don’t need to read the first 4 books in the series so you can treat this story as a standalone novel.

Filled with thrill and suspense from the beginning to the end, this book is highly recommended!

Our Rating: 4.0

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