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New Crowdfunded Detective Game By A Group Of Korean Students

On the hunt for a new detective game for your iPhone or Android device? Well, the good news is that indie games aren’t dead just yet. There’s a group of Korean students developing a game that are about as Indie as you can get. And since it usually costs a lot of money to bring a new app to the market, they are using the crowdfunding approach to finance the project.

The new game which is called ‘Jack, The Detective’ is a quirky take on Sherlock homes and Dexter. The game has you play as one of two playable protagonists: A detective or a criminal. Players can choose to commit a crime in a hotel room and try and cover it up or don their own deerstalker and pipe and try and solve other player’s crimes.

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In comparison to other games we have seen, Jack the Detective certainly has some Asian influence to it: The detectives and villains look like they have just come out of a Japanese cartoon! but the story is much more cerebral and requires some good thinking. In general, you can use the game to test your crime IQ against the missions in the game or against other players. Regarding the latter option, you can choose to be put in the middle of real cases designed by other players.

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Jack the Detective is a collaborative project between NGMaking and I Want Games, the later being a group of students majoring in game development at Konkuk University in Seoul. The team has recently won the Grand Prize for the 5th Seoul Accord Competition, at which 50 semi-finalists competed against each other.

Since the campaign for raising funds is quite brand new, it’s hard to see what will come out of it, but we look forward to seeing the new English version soon. The link to the Indiegogo campaign can be accessed here.

Photo credit: Savan Sekhon via Foter.com / CC BY

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