Murder By Proxy Crime Micro-Flash Fiction By Fred Zackel

Murder By Proxy: Crime Micro-Flash Fiction By Fred Zackel

Fred Zackel, author of Murder by Proxy, has written many crime novels such as The Girl Under The Bridge and Murder In Waikiki among others.


As one of the four prison guards, I brought the new inmate onto the top floor of the D cell block. I opened the cell, but didn’t move. I took several deep breaths. We stood grasping the guard rail, not looking down. I get vertigo. I don’t know why he wouldn’t look.

“That’s your assigned cell block over there.”

“Why didn’t you take me there first thing?”

“No, first things first.”

The inmate groaned at my prissiness.

I said, “I can teach you how to fly.”

He looked at me with undisguised contempt.

“But before I do that, let me teach you all you need to know about suspense.”

The new inmate said, “Suspense? Like in a thriller?”

“Flying like off Cellblock D all by your lonesome.”

The inmate gave me a disgusted look.

I hollered over the railing. “Earl Lansing!”

I hollered again and the cell block quieted.

“Earl Lansing! You killed those little kids!

I started screaming: “Those were little children you killed!”

He caught on to my nasty scheme.

I pushed myself half over the railing, screaming as loudly as I could onto the cell block floor below.

I screamed: “You filthy f-ing pedophile!”

I didn’t have to look. I knew every con in the C cell block across from us was watching from behind his bars. The word gets passed.

“Those were little children you killed!”

He had gone all ashen. I had signed his death warrant.

I grabbed him and thrust him into his cell. I pulled the iron bars shut and the door automatically locked.

I stormed out. Left them to get down by themselves. I felt great. Who was going to rat on me? Who’s the monster now?

Justifiable homicide, right?


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