Murder Book True Crime Podcast Episode 1 Michael Connelly Talks Hollywood Homicide

Murder Book True Crime Podcast Episode 1: Michael Connelly Talks Hollywood Homicide

The first episode of the much anticipated true crime podcast Murder Book certainly lived up to expectations: Michael Connelly, who narrates the story of real cases in this podcast, started of Murder Book with an old 1987 case which was closed only couple of years ago.

On June 29, 1987, Jade Maurice Clark was sitting in his custom Nissan 300 ZX outside the Danceteria nightclub in the 800 block of North Highland Avenue. A friend of him was with him in the car when a man approached, pointed a handgun and attempted to hijack his car.

Clark, who had a registered handgun with him in the car, pulled it out from under the car seat and a struggle ensued. The suspect shot Clark multiple times, and he later died. But the victim fired back once during the robbery and struck the suspect.

In Episode 1, Connelly and retired LAPD Detective Rick Jackson who was leading the case at the time talk about their past history and then dig into the case. When Jackson was called to the crime scene, he found a gun, a fingerprint, and a bullet on the ground. That bullet would later hold the key to unlocking a case that would last 32 years, the longest and most challenging homicide investigation of Jackson’s career.

Murder Book is planned to mainly explore real homicide cases not covered by mainstream media. Season One is titled “The Tell-Tale Bullet”.

The first podcast episode also includes a collection of images related to the case which can be viewed here.

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Image source: Murder Book (LAPD Detective Rick Jackson in the picture)

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