“Kihei Past Perfect”: A Hawaii Mystery By Alvin Koo

Are you looking for some fun read (and probably free if you are Amazon Prime member)? We recently came across Kihei Past Perfect, an eBook by Alvin Koo who has proven he knows about Hawaii. A native of Honolulu, Alvin’s story is both easy to read, believable and filled with details from life in Hawaii.

If you are Amazon Prime member, you can read this book for free so check it out: This is not some novel with deep plots; it’s rather an enjoyable story with a dose of humor and mystery.

A Brief Summary:

Kihei Past Perfect, a Hawaii mystery, is about a retired Honolulu detective who opens a small PI business with the proviso that the cases not be too hard, too violent, or too dangerous, “just about $1,000 per to buy dinner at the fufu Wailea gold course and maybe fly to Honolulu to visit his daughters.” He lives in Kihei, which he considers the blue collar part of south Maui, next to the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Wailea, but it has the same fine sand, clear water and gentle waves. Almost perfect. The detective, John Makakiu, is trying to carve out a perfect life, but little stumbling blocks keep popping up.

Past Perfect revolves around a “missing persons” case, one of the hardest kind, especially if the missing person doesn’t want to be found. The world is a big place. The search takes Makakiu running down the beach after a half-witted witness, to an out of the way mansion near Hana on the farthest shore from Kihei, to a tiny village in Thailand, to a gun at his head, held by a five foot two little old lady, who was as mean as she looked sweet. All turns out well when he is sort of rescued by his new “squeeze” and the real bad person “spills the beans.”

Like eBooks by Alvin Koo?

This author has published several books on Hawaii but apparently this is the only mystery novel published so far. You can click on the image to go to Amazon page for the book.