Keewanee A Short Thriller Film By Clancy Sinnamon

Keewanee: A Short Thriller Film By Clancy Sinnamon

If someone asks us “What does Keewanee mean?”, we can’s answer that question. We can tell you however that the short thriller film “Keewanee” by Australian director Clancy Sinnamon is a fun little piece which Sinnamon made this piece on his father’s property North of Jackson, Queensland.

Sinnamon who is best known for his role as writer/director of the short film Calloused Hearts (2016) used his family’s beef cattle property for that film as well  which was completed as a part of his graduation film at Bond University.

His apparent passion for film-making is apparent in his absorbing stories and clever shots and he is well on his way to become a professional director soon “Ultimately I want one day very much to earn a living through film making. Making movies has been something that I have been doing since I got my first camera at the age of nine. I would consider myself extremely privileged to be a part of any area of the film or television industry but my passion/strength lies with cinematography and directing. To be able to pursue a career in either of these areas would, for me, be a dream come true.”

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