JK Rowling’s New Book Apparently A Crime Fiction

Rumors always existed in the blogsphere and the media that after Harry Potter series, JK Rowling is going to write a crime fiction. However, that was just an speculation: Some others were suggesting she might write a complementary book for the Potter series or maybe start another witch series.

Then, earlier this week it was officially announced that her new book is a fiction for adults; put this beside the fact that the publisher and editor is David Shelby who is specialized in crime fictions and thrillers and you get the idea.

Shelby has been instrumental in introducing and publishing some great best seller crime and thriller works; examples include Panic by Jeff Abbott, The Shakespeare Secret by JL Carrell and The Brutal Art by Jesse Kellerman.

Rowling has said in the past that Dorothy L Sayers is one of her favorites so I am curious to see what is the main theme of her upcoming novel: Is it like Sayer's works? Is it a serial killer thriller or a cozy mystery? I guess only time can tell.