Interview With Chinese Crime Novelist Qiu Xiaolong

Crime fiction spread from Britain to the United States, before Scandinavia got in on the act, courtesy of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’. Now, readers around the world are hooked on Chinese crime writer Qiu Xiaolong, and his idealistic crime fighter with the Shanghai police, Chief Inspector Chen Cao.

More than solving crimes, his tales provide insights into many of the dilemmas posed by fast modernising China, and the revolution and ideology it is leaving behind. His books have been translated to 23 languages so far and mostly portray the challenges in the life of the people in the modern Shanghai.

In this interview with Australia Network News, the author talks about his main character Inspector Chen and how he came up with the idea of writing a series in the mystery genre.

┬áIn the case you want to read some of Inspector Chen’s mysteries, Red Mandarin Dress, The Mao Case and A Case of Two Cities are good picks.


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