Historic Estonian Crime Novel To Be Turned Into Movie

Film production company Exitfilm is currently working on turning Estonia's first gothic crime fiction "Apothecary Melchior and the Mystery of St. Olaf's Church" into a full feature film. 

According to the Estonian Public Broadcasting, the script is currently in development and an idea of creating a six-episode TV series based on the novels has also been floated.

The movie's action is going take place in the 1400s, with the plot driven by old legends and the history of Tallinn. 

Urbla said that the aim is to create a script that would provide a basis for an exciting historic film while appealing also to international audiences. "For Estonian viewers, many of the stories are obvious but the international audience needs a slightly different approach," he told Eesti Ekspress, adding that the task is somewhat challenging, yet finding foreign partners is essential for the success of the project because of the high costs of history-based filming. 

The original version of the script was written by Indrek Hargla, author of the Apothecary Melchior novels, and reviewed by a UK script editor, in order to better understand the international viewers' reception. 

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