Hallmark Channel Is Looking for Original Mystery And Suspense Manuscripts

If your book seems like a Hallmark movie or TV series, you might have a chance to turn it into one. Hallmark Channel is looking for male/female romance novels and cozy mystery novels of around 70,000 – 85,000 words in length. The channel is particularly interested in romances and mysteries that also celebrate friendship, family, and/or community ties. All stories must have happy endings.

The outreach is part of a broad coverage of mystery shows and TV-based movies by the channel in the last few years. The company, though, has a specific set of story-lines and themes as its target when it comes to commissioning new novels.

For romance, the company is mostly looking for light contemporary stories set in the United States. Elements such as Christmas, small town, and seasonal themes (winter, Valentine’s Day, spring, June brides, beach reads, fall) are of particular interest. Paranormal romance, however, is not among the plots Hallmark is pursuing in general.

For mystery, the company is mostly seeking contemporary stories set in the United States without nudity, sex, profanity, or graphic depictions of sexuality or violence. In murder mysteries for example, the murder must happen “off the page.”

Hallmark accepts electronic submissions only and the link to the submission page can be accessed here.

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