A very funny and smart mystery: Phantom Angel

Phantom Angel is the first book we read from the Edgar winner David Handler and wow! what a book…we really enjoyed reading the new installment of the private eye series featuring Benji Golden and we think you will love this character as well.

A Brief Summary: 

When it comes to tracking down teen runaways, there is no private investigator in New York City better than streetwise Benji Golden. But his newest client is Morrie Frankel, the last of the great Broadway showmen. Morrie’s current extravaganza, a lavish $65 million musical adaptation of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, is the biggest unfolding disaster the Great White Way has ever seen. Rumor has it, if he doesn’t find a deep-pocketed “angel,” or investor, soon, he might go down and take the production with him.

Morrie thought he had found such an investor in hedge fund billionaire R.J. Farnell, who promised to keep the teetering production afloat. But Farnell and his $12 million have vanished. Benji tracks Farnell to his girlfriend, Jonquil Beausoleil, who turns the investigation on its head. When Morrie is found gunned down on 42nd Street, Benji finds himself smack in the middle of a high-profile murder investigation, and he’ll have to pierce through a lot of Broadway gossip before he can find the killer.

Our Take: 

A great storyteller…Handler’s new funny mystery immediately made it to our top book list.

This is a book which is kind of like cozy mystery books but happens in modern setting: New York City! No wonder Handler has won an Edgar award before because he writes with such a nice and easy style and crafts such entertaining dialogues that you can’s put the book down.

If you are following our reviews, you know that while we review all genres and authors with mystery space, we have few favorites…maybe it’s time to add Handler to our list.

Our Rating: 4.0

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