Kept In The Dark A Debut Work By Penny Hancock

“Kept In The Dark”: A Debut Work By Penny Hancock

kept in the dark penny hancock mysteryWe recently received Kept in the Dark, a debut work from Penguin, and were honestly impressed by the quality of the writing and the intriguing storyline. The author, Penny Hancock, lives in Cambridge, England, with her husband and three children. She is a part-time primary-school teacher at a speech and language school and has traveled extensively as a language teacher.

A Brief Summary:

Penny Hancock’s chilling debut thriller is about a woman on the edge. When her neighbor’s fifteen-year-old nephew goes missing, Sonia is the last person that anyone would suspect. At forty-three, she is a strikingly attractive wife and mother. And like the River House, her lovely home overlooking the Thames, Sonia’s life is a picture of perfection and normalcy—until she meets Jez. From the moment he shows up on Sonia’s doorstep, the gorgeous teenage boy awakens a torrent of memories that threaten to reveal a terrifying truth. Drawn to Jez by a compulsion that she scarcely understands, Sonia takes him captive—prepared to sacrifice everything to keep him.

Our Take:

Penny Hancock is a very talented author, and her debut is a beautifully written piece of suspense…

What captured our attention throughout reading this book was Sonia’s rationalizations and thought process. A big part of book is written in the first person form and through the eyes of Sonia. The author has been very successful in twisting the situation around in Sonia’s mind and show why she can’t understand the fact that Jez is not grateful.

This book will disappoint readers looking for an action packed thriller however the story is a great work of suspense. The story moves at a slow pace as Hancock deliberately and deliciously builds the mystery bit by bit.

Our Rating: 3.7


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