Is CSI The Highest Rated Crime Series On TV?

There is certainly a lot of buzz around CSI TV Series and through the last 10 years,  many viewers remember the main characters, whether it is the Miami version or the New York one. So it’s fair to assume that CSI might be one of the top 10 crime TV shows, right? Wrong.

IMDB, recently listed the highest ranking Crime TV shows and guess what, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is #78. Apparently a lot of people know the popular TV series but when it comes to ranking and picking their favorites, they stick to the old-fashioned detectives.

Jeremy Brett’s memorable performance as Sherlock Holmes has put The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and The Return of Sherlock Holmes at #8 and #16 respectively. The New 21st century version “Sherlock” is #13 (only with one season out) and Dexter is #6. The 2002 TV Series, The Wire is at the top of the list and other familiar names such as Inspector Morse and Law and Order:Special Victims Unit are at #55 and #60.

You can view the full list here and if you are into buying TV series’ DVDs, below you can find the Amazon links to some of the mentioned shows (Click on the images).


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