Crime Fiction Debut The Boss Of Hampton Beach By Jed Power

Crime Fiction Debut: “The Boss Of Hampton Beach” By Jed Power

Jed Power is a Hampton Beach, NH based writer who has a long record of short story publication but is a novice in crime fiction world. The Boss of Hampton Beach is his first crime fiction novel and the book, to be honest, impressed us from the beginning.

A Brief Summary:

Cocaine. Dan Marlowe is doing his damnedest to stay away from the stuff. It’s already cost him his family and his business, The High Tide Restaurant & Saloon. Now a bartender at the Tide, Dan’s life is slowly stabilizing. That is until a boat with two dead bodies on board is found wrecked on the jetty at Hampton Beach.

The hunt for its missing cargo, 200 pounds of cocaine, is on. Dan is forced into the search and realizes that the drug that stole everything short of his life might be the one thing that can give it all back. He’s not the only one seeking the fortune in white powder.

Others, on both sides of the law, are after it too, including a Boston mob boss and his right-hand man; a New Hampshire seacoast drug dealer/informer, his smokin’ hot girlfriend, and his dim-witted muscle; a crooked D.E.A. agent and his junkie sidekick; two New Hampshire State policemen; and an Irish handyman. It’s a violent, back-stabbing race to the end of the rainbow. May the best man win.

Our Take:

The book is written with a very easy language and the story flows fast and smooth: The result is an enjoyable thriller which can be read in one sitting. The knowledge of the author about the setting, Hampton Beach in NH, is definitely a plus. We believe any reader who likes fast-paced thrillers with lots of cat and mouse chasing (lead character on the chase for the bad guys), will enjoy this book.

Our Rating: 3.8

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