Cozy Mystery Review Illegally Iced By Jessica Beck

Cozy Mystery Review: “Illegally Iced” By Jessica Beck

From the cozy mystery author of Donut Shop Mysteries, Illegally Iced is yet another enjoyable installment. We recently reviewed Powdered Peril from this author (see our review here) and this book is in line with the previous books in terms of quality.

A Brief Summary:

Donut shop owner Suzanne Hart knows how to treat her customers. But sometimes life can get a bit sticky. When a spat she has with a local blacksmith—one that could have been solved with a handshake and a mixed dozen—ends with his murder, Suzanne is caught dead in her tracks. Suddenly everyone in April Springs has their eyes on her. And they’re hungry with suspicion.

Left with little choice but to catch the killer herself, Suzanne starts lining up suspects. But her case is full of holes. How did the killer strike in the middle of the day without a single witness to the crime? Who knew that the humble blacksmith was actually an heir to a family fortune? The heat is on as Suzanne tries to solve the case and save her business. Can she have her cake-donut and eat it too?

Our Take:

If you like cozy mysteries and have read Jessica Beck’s work before, you know what to expect: Her language and characters are witty and enjoyable, there is not lot of fluff in the book and you can see the development of the main characters in this book from the previous installments in the series.

Overall, among the cozy writers, Beck is a talented voice and the story is worth reading.

Our Rating: 3.3

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