New Collection of Short Mysteries Small Plates By Katherine Hall Page

New Collection of Short Mysteries: Small Plates By Katherine Hall Page

One can say that writing short mysteries are actually harder than novels but Katherine Hall Page has mastered both. If an author can pull it off, the result would something lasting…like Sherlock Holmes! In that spirit, Agatha Award winner Katherine Hall Page presents a book of short stories featuring her famed heroine Faith Fairchild. For years, Katherine Hall Page has delighted readers with her Faith Fairchild series, each book like a delicious, satisfying meal. Now, Page has whipped up a tasty collection of appetizing bites in a new title called Small Plates: Short Fiction.

A Brief Summary:

In “The Body in the Dunes,” Faith’s vacation offers more excitement than she and her husband bargained for when a terrified woman knocks on their hotel room door looking to hide from her husband. A case hits close to home in “The Proof is Always in the Pudding,” when Faith investigates a generations-old superstition that has been passed down in her husband’s family. Faith and her sister, Hope, counsel a bride-to-be suffering a number of alarming “accidents” before the big day in “Across the Pond.” In “Sliced,” Faith switches from contestant to detective when a killer reality television cooking competition turns deadly.

Small Plates also includes some irresistible standalone treats, including the Agatha Award–winning “The Would-Be Widower,” about a husband who longs to be rid of his wife, and “Hiding Places” in which a young wife’s new husband may not be all that he appears.

Our Take:

If you’d like to read something well-written and easy, or if you like cozy mysteries, give this book a try. The short stories in this collection will entice Faith Fairchild fans and new readers alike. Filled with the charm, wit, and the appeal of her beloved novels, Small Plates is a feast for every lover of traditional mysteries.

Our Rating: 3.9

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