Cinematic And Pulse-Pounding Review of Don't Look For Me By Mason Cross

Cinematic And Pulse-Pounding: Review of “Don’t Look For Me” By Mason Cross

The Carter Blake series by Mason Cross has been around for a while and is increasingly popular pick among readers who prefer the likes of Jack Reacher novels. What Mr. Cross started with The Killing Season continues with a new installment titled Don’t Look For Me.

The lead character is the same: Carter Blake, a man with certain specialized talents whose skills lie in finding those who don’t want to be found. However, unlike earlier stories, he does not work for the government anymore and is a freelancer. There is another difference: This story is more personal.

Six years ago, the woman Carter Blake loved disappeared and told him not to ever look for her. For six years, he kept that promise. She was a woman on the run ― a woman with a secret many would kill for. It was better that she stay hidden.

The new story kicks in when someone starts looking for her: Trenton Gage is a hit-man with a talent for finding people ― dead or alive. And his next job is to track down the woman Carter Blake once loved. With both men hunting the same person, the question is: Who will find her first?

As the author puts it, the mystery in Don’t Look For Me isn’t a whodunit. It’s the characters themselves – Blake learns more than he bargained for about his former love, Carol, and even about himself. An interesting aspect of the story is seeing how a coldly efficient professional is taken way out of his comfort zone and is being put in situations he is ill-equipped to handle.

In comparison to the plot, the characters are less developed and this is largely a plot-driven novel. written in easy language and short chapters, readers will find joy in picking this pulse-pounding fast read.

This is an impressive novel thanks to its cinematic scenes and pulse-pounding story

In general, there is a good way and bad way of crafting commercial thrillers. Without a doubt, Don’t Look For Me falls in the former category and not the latter. This is an impressive novel thanks to its cinematic scenes and pulse-pounding story and will be an enjoyable read for thriller fans.

Our Rating: 3.7

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