A chilling terrorism thriller: “Weapon of Vengeance”

Mukul Deva, an expert in international terrorism and first-hand combat, has a new book out: Weapon of Vengeance is the first book in a trilogy following Ruby Gill, a British agent, and her family. If you like spy and terrorism novels, check this out.

A Brief Summary:

Ruby Gill is a rogue MI6 agent, the daughter of an Indian father and Palestinian mother. Her mission is to destroy a Palestinian-Israeli peace summit in New Delhi. Ruby’s father, whom she has not seen since age three, is now head of India’s anti-terrorist police. When the two first meet, Ravinder Gill believes his long-lost daughter has come for a reunion . . . but as time goes by, he begins to suspect that she is the terrorist he’s searching for.

Our Take:

With a background in intelligence, author’s book benefits from high authenticity. We also liked the character development in the novel: A great spy story with cinematic episodes. Recommended!

Our Rating: 3.8

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