Review of Bloodland By Alan Glynn

Review of “Bloodland” By Alan Glynn

Alan Glynn is an Irish writer born in 1960 in Dublin and is the author of four novels, from which the first one The Dark Fields (2001) was made into a film in 2011 by Neil Burger as Limitless. Alan’s another notable work is Winterland which was published in 2009 and is a thriller with a compelling story. (See here for an interview where the author talks about his book Winterland). Bloodland is Glynn’s newest book.

A Brief Summary:

Susie Monaghan was on the cusp of stardom when her life was cut short by a tragic helicopter crash. After a full investigation, her death was ruled an accident: case closed. But a hungry young journalist named Jimmy Gilroy isn’t buying the official story. Before dying, Susie’s path had crossed with an unlikely gallery of powerful men: an ex-Prime minister with a carefully guarded secret; the businessman brother of a U.S. Senator angling for the Oval Office; and a billionaire investor with his eye on an extremely rare commodity. Might there also be a link between Susie’s death and a deranged security contractor operating in Congo? Piece by piece, Jimmy uncovers a bizarre nexus of coincidence among these disparate people and events, revealing a conspiracy of frightening reach and consequence–one that could cost him his life.

Our Take:

This novel is a well written and entertaining thriller. The author has set his story in the world of international power brokers and the interactions between characters in such setting was fascinating. The characters, though, are not richly developed and I assume the nature of the story which is a fast paced crime thriller partially dictates that.

The direction of the plots and the ending were somewhat predictable but the book intellectually challenges the reader to keep reading to find out how exactly the story ends.

Though it takes a little while to get off the ground, Glynn’s story is a worthy read for conspiracy thriller fans.

Our Rating: 3.0

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