The Perfect Stranger Wendy Corsi Staub

Blogging and Murder: “The Perfect Stranger” By Wendy Corsi Staub

NY Times bestselling author Wendy Corsi Staub, very popular for her thrillers, has a new pocket book out titled The Perfect Stranger. In this new novel, again we are reading a story about blogging and this time the plot features one woman finds herself in the crosshairs of a twisted predator who might just be masked behind a familiar screen name.

A Brief Summary:

During the darkest period of her life, Landry Wells found solace in a group of bloggers who had been in her shoes and lived to tell the tale. She’s shared things with her online friends that even her husband and children didn’t know. Things that now, looking back, make her uneasy.

One of the bloggers is dead, victim of a random crime—or was it? Did she trust too easily; reveal too much? At the funeral a thousand miles from home, Landry is about to come face to face at last with the others. These women are her closest confidantes in the world: they understand her; they know everything about her—and one of them might be a cold-blooded killer . . .

Our Take:

This book has at least one ingredient of a great mystery: It keeps you guessing, continuing to ramp up the suspense and keep the momentum building throughout the story until the end. We didn’t believe there was enough momentum to the story to keep us hooked at all times but the who-dun-it eluded us until close to the end. Overall, a nice thriller…check it out.

Our Rating: 3.6

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