Awake: A Story Of Double Reality

Awake, one of the most exciting TV series of this year, is finally going to start and is scheduled to premiere on March 1, 2012 on Thursday nights at 10/9 C. The pilot was made available on Hulu and iTunes on February 16, 2012. The new NBC series starring Jason Isaacs comes from the writers and producers of 24.

The idea of this police procedural is very new: Detective Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) regains consciousness following a car accident involving his wife Hannah (Laura Allen) and his son Rex (Dylan Minnette). Following the accident, Michael switches between two realities via dreams, and eventually loses sight of which one is real. In one reality, his wife, Hannah, dies, and in the other, his son Rex dies. With his employers urging him to get help because of these dreams, Michael struggles to find reality. Things change, however, when Michael notices strange links between these dreams.

Here is the trailer of the series in case you are curious to get a feeling of this series:


You can also find an instant video of Episode one of 24, the previous work of the Awake team, below (click on the image)


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