Freebooksy: A Source For Finding Free eBooks For Kindle

Freebooksy is a website that posts the link to a free ebook at least once a day. The website covers multiple genres so that there is something for everyone. The ebooks are free on the day that they post them.


The section associated with mystery books can be accessed here.


The website provides few programs for authors which allows them to sell more books or get higher visibility. For example, if an author has a permafree book or a KDP Select promotion coming up, Freebooksy Feature gets that book in front of thousands of voracious readers, the surest way to boost downloads.


The website also offers a service called “Buy A Series”: The Series Feature sparks free downloads of the first book in the series and drives sales of other books in your series. It’s the perfect combination to get authors’ series exposure and find new, dedicated readers.

Last updated on February 15, 2020


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