After The Eclipse By Fran Dorricott Is A Satisfying Suspense Debut

“After The Eclipse” By Fran Dorricott Is A Satisfying Suspense Debut

In “After The Eclipse”, the debut work of Fran Dorricott, the author tells the story of a journalist who is trying to uncover the secret behind disappearance of two little girls.

Sixteen years ago, in the small town of Bishop’s Green, eleven year-old Olive Warren was abducted during the darkness of a solar eclipse while her older sister Cassie was supposed to be watching her. She was never seen again.

When another local girl goes missing just before the next big eclipse, Cassie – who has returned to Bishop’s Green to care for her ailing grandmother – suspects the disappearance is connected to her sister. Whoever took Olive is still out there.

As a journalist, Cassie knows the first forty-eight hours are crucial. She now faces a race against the clock to discover the truth, and the missing girls.

Firs a debut work, After The Eclipse is a satisfying read. The novel jumps back and forth in time, in the same fashion as many other modern suspense novels, and as the plot develops slowly, the readers starts to get the whole picture.

The plot is certainly a compelling tale of loss, sisterhood, and evil that human-being can do. At times lighthearted like cozy mystery novels and sometimes suspenseful like the work of S.K. Tremeyne, this novel will appeal to readers of suspense books.

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