A Chilling Thriller Blind Spot By Brenda Novak

A Chilling Thriller: Blind Spot By Brenda Novak

New York Times bestseller Brenda Novak has a new installment of her Evelyn Talbot series out titled Blind Spot, with a heavily pregnant Evelyn being held hostage.

With Jasper Moore, the privileged boy who attacked her when she was only sixteen, finally caught and in prison, Dr. Evelyn Talbot, founder and head psychiatrist at Hanover House (a prison/research facility for psychopaths in remote Alaska), believes she can finally quit looking over her shoulder.

She’s safe, happier than she’s ever been and expecting her first child. She’s also planning to marry Amarok, her Alaska State Trooper love interest and the town’s only police presence.

…an intense, edge of your seat, nail-biting, thrill ride.

But before the wedding can take place, a psychopath from the much more recent past comes out of nowhere and kidnaps her in broad daylight. Instead of planning her wedding, Evelyn finds herself doing everything she can to survive, save her baby and devise some way to escape while Amarok races the clock to find her – before it’s too late.

This book is the fourth episode in the Evelyn Talbot Chronicles picks up where Face Off (Book 3) ended. Brenda Novak has a masterful way of bringing her characters to life and drawing readers into the storyline and Blind Spot is not an exception. The plot moves fast and it’s easy to read.

Novak is one of our favorite commercial thriller writers and her latest book doesn’t disappoint: Blind Spot is an intense, edge of your seat, nail-biting, thrill ride.


Brenda Novak has written over 50 books, and has sold more than 4 million copies. Not only has she hit The New York Times and USA Today Bestseller’s lists, her novels have won many awards, including four RITA nominations, the National Reader’s Choice, the Book Buyer’s Best and the Bookseller’s Best Award.


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