50 Cent Writes Erotic Crime Novels; Is It The Real One?

We all know that 50 Cent is kind of like an idol for many people and any product released with his name has a high chance of becoming a best seller. If you take a little trip down Wikipedia Lane, you’ll discover that 50 Cent has apparently written a lot of books:  In addition to his intensely capitalist, Machiavellian tome The 50th Law, he is the author of such Literature Nuggets as Ski Mask Way, which is a book about a drug dealer who becomes the greatest drug dealer ever (or something), and Playground, which is a book about bullying. However, the one that captured our attention was a crime novel called Death Before Dishonor (G Unit).

Death Before Dishonor (G Unit) is about a guy named Trill Johnson, who is a heroic criminal and is filled with very graphic scenes and violence. The question that popped up in our mind was: "Is 50 Cent really writing this stuff?" We couldn't find an answer to our question…Let us know what you think.

Like Books Apparently Written By 50 Cent?

Check out these titles. Click on the images to go to Amazon page for each book.


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