“A Fair To Die For” By Radine Trees Nehring

We recently got a fun to read cozy mystery written from Radine Trees Nehring who brings her 20+ years of writing experience into the mystery genre. what comes next is our take on A Fair to Die For, the new book by this author and part of "Something to die for" series. 

A Brief Summary:

It’s October, craft fair season in the Ozarks, and Carrie and Henry are helping their friend Shirley sell her quilts and Baby Cuddlys at the War Eagle Craft Fair. After a mysterious cousin with ties to drug dealers appears, danger stalks the fair. When Carrie is abducted by killers following a breakfast at War Eagle Mill, she’s afraid she won’t escape, because—though her aim in life has always been to help others out of problems—no one who can help her knows where she is. “There is no me out there to help me.”

Our Take:

Not everyone is into reading cozy mysteries happening in the rather rural areas in the U.S., but if you are you might find this book refreshing. The author has a good style of writing and her story is really quick (each chapter is only few pages and story moves quickly). Character development is an strong point about this book.

Our Rating: 3.0

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