“The Confession” By Charles Todd

charles-todd-confessionThe Confession: An Inspector Ian Rutledge Mystery (Ian Rutledge Mysteries) is a new historical crime fiction from New York Times bestselling Charles and Caroline Todd who are a mother-and-son writing team. The book, part of a series, features severely damaged British World War I veteran, and yet still astonishingly efficient Scotland Yard inspector, Ian Rutledge.

A Brief Summary:

In this book, Ian Rutledge wrestles with a startling and dangerous case that reaches far into the past: The case starts with Wyatt Russell, a terminally ill man who confesses to murdering his cousin. Rutledge doesn’t believe Russell for a moment, and a lunch meeting with the dying man does nothing to change his mind. Armed with just a few leads, Rutledge journeys to an obscure corner of Essex, where the locals receive him with equal parts loathing and fear.

The cold case becomes even more chilling when Russell is fatally shot. Rutledge continues to probe, as a singular question consumes his thoughts. Why would Russell confess to a crime he didn’t commit?

Our Take:

This is Charles Todd at his best…

The story of this book is certainly very appealing and motivates the reader to go to the last page to find out the mystery. The quality of the writing is also very good, although we struggled to memorize the names a little as many of them started with the same letter of the alphabet.

The story also has some dead end reference specifically to the lead character’s past loves who were not elaborated in the plot. But overall, this book is a good historical mystery and has a top-notch standard.

Our Rating: 3.9

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  1. I am a fan of Charles Todd’s novels. I understand that these books are a collaborative effort between a mother and son, much as my new co-authored mystery novel THE THIRD EYE: A PINE BARRENS MYSTERY.

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