Jean Rabe: “Why did I Write a Mystery Novel?”

jean rabe mystery novel

Note: Jean Rabe, the author of The Dead of Winter (A Piper Blackwell Mystery) (Volume 1) shares her thoughts on why she dabbled into mystery writing after years of establishing herself in the fantasy and science fiction space. Why not fantasy or science fiction or true crime…I’ve written in those genres for more than twenty years. Why

Here’s How You Can Read Your Kindle Mysteries With Alexa

alexa reading kindle mystery books

In the last couple of years Amazon has put a lot of effort into their intelligent personal assistant Alexa and now this technology can perform many tasks: It is capable of voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, and providing weather, traffic and other real time information. What you might not know

New Mysteries In The Market This Week

new mysteries - december 2016

Three new mysteries have been particularly hot in the market this week and will delight those on the hunt for a fresh read. Edgar Award-winning author Thomas Perry is well-known for writing thrillers which according to Wall Street Journal “move faster than a speeding bullet”. The Old Man is his latest whip-smart standalone novel. It’s

Five Entertaining $2.99 Thrillers For Kindle

Are you a Thriller addict? Do you prefer to read on your Kindle? Are you looking for some cheap but entertaining reads? If your answers to all these questions are YES, then check out our picks from the Kindle Store. These five books are all priced at $2.99 or less (occasionally free for Prime members)

50 Cent Writes Erotic Crime Novels; Is It The Real One?

We all know that 50 Cent is kind of like an idol for many people and any product released with his name has a high chance of becoming a best seller. If you take a little trip down Wikipedia Lane, you’ll discover that 50 Cent has apparently written a lot of books:  In addition to

Top 10 Great Canadian Crime Fictions

Although they may not be as well-known as their American counterparts, Canadian authors have made significant contribution to the world of crime fiction and especially in the recent years, with authors such as Louise Penny, readers and critics pay more attention to the authors from this country. What comes next is the list of Top

Top 10 Great Dutch Crime Fictions

Here is a list you want to look at: Dutch Crime Novelists are not that well-known compared to their British and Scandinavian counterparts, but believe it or not they have some great authors! We have compiled a list of Top 10 great crime fiction and thriller reads from Dutch authors, from contemporary writers as well

Top 5 Best Newspapers To Read About Books And Authors

As a follow up to our popular Top 10 and Top 5 lists, we recently did an evaluation of the newspapers in terms of the publishing industry coverage: We specifically looked at the print and digital content of 50 U.S. and U.K. newspapers, judging them not only by the quality of articles and reviews in

Top 10 Great Brazilian Crime Fictions

Mystery novels in Brazil, as an indigenous genre, started relatively late, by the close of the 20th. Century, blossomed in quantity and  quality and  acquired distinctly Brazilian characteristics. Current Brazilian mystery authors are prolific and have gained international attention. What comes next is our hand-picked list of some of the best crime and mystery fictions

Top 10 Great Norwegian Crime Fictions

Norwegian Crime Fictions are not simple copycats of the more well-known Swedish versions; they have the atmosphere and spirits of their own. From Jo Nesbø to Karin Fossum, the country has introduced a long list of high quality writers to the world in the last 30 years. What comes next is a compilation of 10