Author In Spotlight: Scandinavian Crime Writer Helene Tursten

helene tursten scandinavian crime fiction

When it comes to Scandinavian crime fiction, one of the names which is increasingly on the rise is Helene Tursten. Before becoming an author, Tursten worked as a nurse and then a dentist, but was forced to leave due to illness. During her illness she worked as a translator of medical articles and then turned into

Q&A with Michael Michaud, the crime novelist behind “The Introvert”

Michael Paul Michaud is a crime novelist and lawyer in the Greater Toronto Area. His new novel The Introvert, is a black humor mystery/crime novella, with 30,000 words in length (160 pages) and its voice/feel is rather innovative. We recently did a Q&A with the author on his latest book and his work which follows: What

Q&A with Stacy Green, the author of the new thriller Killing Jane

Stacy Green, author of the Lucy Kendall Series has a new book coming up in January 2017! In this gritty, new thriller titled Killing Jane, bodies start piling up and their murders bear a striking resemblance to one of history’s most notorious serial killers: Jack the Ripper. Erin Prince is a rookie homicide investigator, and

Interview with Samuel Bjørk, the Author of “I’m Traveling Alone”

Samuel Bjørk

I’m Traveling Alone, the US debut from International bestseller Samuel Bjørk just got out: A chilling and fast-paced thriller in which two detectives must hunt down a vengeful killer–and uncover the secret that ties each of them to the crime. Our review of this title will be out shortly but in the meantime, we hope you

A Conversation with Carrie Rubin, Author of “Eating Bull”

Carrie Rubin

  Carrie Rubin is a physician with a master’s degree in public health. She lives in Ohio with her husband and two sons, and is the author of The Seneca Scourge and the new novel Eating Bull. What comes below is our conversation with the author on her latest work. You are a physician who

Q&A with Hélène Grémillon, author of The Case of Lisandra P.

Hélène Grémillon

The Case of Lisandra P. is Hélène Grémillon’s debut in the U.S. we are pleased to offer one of her first English interviews to Mystery Tribune readers on this title. In this riveting tale, Grémillon tells the story of a psychoanalyst accused of killing his wife, and one of his patients, Eva Maria, who resolves to clear his name.

Stephen King Talks about his Life of Writing and Favorite Novels

Stephen King

 Looking at what cool stuff has been recently uploaded to YouTube, we came across a very interesting interview with Stephen King in which he looks back at the time when he started writing his first novel and his progress ever since. The part we specifically liked in this interview was the section when the conversation

Daniel Silva talks about his latest novel “The English Spy”

If you are a fan of spy novels which are easy to read and are oriented towards mass market, you have definitely come across Daniel Silva. His latest book The English Spy which is the 15th installment in his Gabriel Allon series is now out and we thought it would be appropriate to feature a video

A Conversation with Michael Sears; the author of Long Way Down

Michael Sears Long Way Down Author

Michael Sear’s new book Long Way Down recently got a 5 star rating by us and made it into Mystery Tribune’s Must Read list. That’s why we decided to feature a conversation with the man behind this new title. What comes below is the author’s take on the new book and his inspirations. 1.      LONG WAY